How to Use the Wallpaper Calculator


Wallpaper comes in a vast array of patterns, colours, and textures, providing endless design possibilities to suit various styles and preferences. It can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary, creating focal points and accentuating architectural features as well as hide wall imperfections like cracks or uneven surfaces, wallpaper provides a smooth and flawless finish that paint alone may not achieve.  

Paint & Paper has an extensive selection of wallpapers from brands such as Sanderson, Harlequin and more to choose from that can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary and have taken all of the calculations out of getting the right amount of wallpaper for a room with their handy Wallpaper Calculator 


Step 1: Measure Walls: Measure the height and width of each wall in the room using a tape measure. Note these measurements in either imperial or metric.    

Step 2: Add the measurements that you have taken of the walls into the Wallpaper Calculator.  

Step 3: Consider Repeat Pattern: If the wallpaper has a repeat pattern, that number will be listed under the specifications of the wallpaper on the products page. For example Little Green St James's Park - Suede Fade Wallpaper  has a beautiful pattern that repeats 325cm x 156cm across.  

Step 4: Roll Length: Enter the length of the roll that you have selected, you will find that information on the specifications drop down on your selected wallpaper.  

Step 5: Calculate Rolls: Press Estimate Quantity and our calculator will do all the work for you and tell you how many rolls you would need. 

Important: Add Extra Rolls: It's recommended to purchase an additional roll or two to allow for mistakes, future repairs, or future projects.