12 New Beautiful Colourways by Fired Earth

12 new exciting colourways have been added to the already fantastic collection by Fired Earth. Take a look below and let us know which one is your favourite!

All new colours have been added to our site – take a look here if you would like to order.

We’ve added 12 new colours to our, already substantial Paint Collection, working really hard to make sure that we have delivered a true Fired Earth Palette for your home –


1.) Under the Wave

An opulent, decadent dark blue-black.


2.) Jeane

Our gorgeous muted grey-blue will suit any scheme creating a restful interior that will stand the test of time.


3.) Neve

Our purest, chalkiest white for a crisp, sharp contrast to our colour palette.


4.) Morchella

This relaxed mid-tone neutral will create a warm and intimate room.


5.) Celadon’s Robe

A dark, warm-grey neutral this colour is a versatile, very usable classic shade.


6.) Selva

A timeless, rich dark green.


7.) Masilla

A warm neutral with red undertones for a soft, feminine colour scheme.


8.)Araucana Shell

A soft and delicate shade offering a hint of lime to this sophisticated off-white.



This lively green is simultaneously both relaxing and invigorating.


10.) Magenta Oaks

An exciting, indulgent colour which mixes vibrant pigments to create the deepest Magenta.


11.) Moon Grape

Distinctive and luxurious our darkest black-purple is both seductive and indulgent, perfect for creating dramatic effect.


12.) One October Morning

A vivid and romantic colour which is beautifully delicate and calming offering elegance and personality to any space.


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