Welcome to our Clearance page, on our clearance page you will find a mixture of wallpapers & paints to buy at a much-reduced price! Also, check us out on our eBay outlet

What products are you selling?

On our clearance page, you will find a mixture of tools, paints and wallpapers to buy.

Why are they in clearance?

Most wallpapers have been cancelled orders or have been orders which customers have accidentally over-ordered. Unfortunately, we can’t send these back to our manufacturers so they will be listed on our page here or our new eBay Outlet. Will will also list tools that customers have returned.

In terms of paints, unfortunately, at times we do get our mixing process wrong and produce slightly off colours, these will be listed here. As well as slightly off colours, we will also be listing returned paints and cans that have been slightly damaged. All information will be provided on the product pages.

Do you accept returns?

Unfortunately, we can’t offer returns for our outlet orders (due to the nature of the items) please be aware before placing an order.


This page is constantly being updated, so feel free to keep checking back. Also, follow our eBay outlet store for instant updates,

For any help or assistance please feel free to contact us.

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Check back in a few weeks to see updated Stock! Check out our quality paints and wallpapers in the meantime.