Beckers Interior Colour Card -320 colours


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Beckers Interior Colour Card – 320 colours for all of life’s occasions


Beckers Interior Colour Card

Beckers Interior Colour Card – 320 colours for all of life’s occasions.


Painting the walls is an easy way to change a home. Does your room look dull? Are you tired of paint or wallpaper on the walls? Painting is a fun way to revamp and it is not difficult. Here are a few tips to get the best results.

1. Look at the walls. If the walls already painted then you only need to fill holes and sand with fine sandpaper. Are the walls papered? In this case fill the joints between the wallpaper lengths to get a smooth and even surface.

2. What colour would you like? Choose what you enjoy. Remember that a small colour sample looks different on a larger area.

3. Choose the right tools. Painting the walls with a roller is quick and easy. Decide what area you want to paint and select a roller that fits. A deep roller-pile provides more structure on the wall, while a short pile gives a smooth surface.

4. Clean up before you paint. Brush off the dust from the walls. The walls are dirty, wash them with Beckers paint cleaner. Follow the washing instructions on the product and protect the floor with dust sheets. Mask trim and electrical outlets with masking tape.

5. Time to paint. Prime where necessary and apply two topcoats. Often it looks fine after the first coat but to get a nice end result always paint twice. The drying time can be found on the paint can.

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