Beckers Exterior Wood Blue/Green Colour Card

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Beautify wooden facade with new paint. In this color chart, we have collected 32 blue and green colors of the wooden house.

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Beckers Exterior Wood Blue/Green Colour Card

Beckers Exterior Wood Blue/Green Colour Card. Beckers exterior colours blend so well with nature. These 32 blue and green tones are no exception. There are also 5 complimentary colours with which to paint wood trim and details.

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Tips: Good preliminary work is everything when painting. And your exterior woodwork is no exception. About 80 percent of the time should be spent washing, sanding and filling before painting. Be careful and allow plenty of time to get an exterior that will stay beautiful for many years.

We suggest you wash down exterior woodwork every two years to reduce the risk of algae and mould growth. Keep cut or move vegetation that is close to the facade to allow the sun and wind to assist.

We can store details of any special colours so you are able to repaint with the same colour when required.

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