Beckers Masonry Paint Colour Card


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72 Beautiful Masonry Colours to blend with nature


Beckers Masonry Paint Colour Card

The Beckers Masonry Paint Colour Card has 72 beautiful colours.  The colours will look good on larger areas of exterior stone or plaster surfaces. The colours blend well with nature. Houses painted with Beckers will stand out from the crowd and add a touch of class. We recommend Puts Masonry Paint by Beckers.

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Tip: You’ve scraped, sanded and prepared the job properly and  it’s finally time to paint. But when can you paint outside? Keep in mind that you should not paint in any weather. You have the best chance of getting the right paint weather in the months of the year without a letter “r” in them. May, June, July and August. But of course it is possible to paint even in September and October if it is dry and hot outside. The other months are too cold and wet, so there is a risk that the final result will not be satisfactory.

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