Beckers Häftgrund (Adhesion Primer) 3L


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Beckers Häftgrund 3L

Häftgrund (translate:adhesion primer). Beckers Häftgrund 3L is an acrylic primer with really good adhesion, especially to hard, non-absorbent substrates. Some examples of non-absorbent surfaces are factory pre-finished kitchen and wardrobe doors, galvanized surfaces, aluminium, copper and hard PVC surfaces. It has a matt finish, dries quickly and can be painted over with Beckers’ waterborne top-coats. It is primarily intended for indoor use.

Instructions for Use
Make sure the surface is clean, firm and dry. Before painting spray on Beckers Inomhustvätt (a specialist cleaning agent) and let the foam act for a few minutes, then wipe the surface with a damp microfibre fabric. Some surfaces may require a light sanding. We recommend painting a small trial area to test the adhesion before the entire surface is painted.

NOTE! Stir before using. Avoid painting the surface if it is colder than + 8 ° C.

What to do when you have finished.

Carefully seal the paint tin. Remove as much paint as possible from all painting tools before cleaning. Liquid paint residue should not be poured down the drain but taken to your local authority centre for waste disposal. Once empty, containers can be recycled.

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