Designers Guild Masonry Paint 2.5 Litres



Designers Guild Masonry Paint offers exceptional coverage. Offering a range of 154 colours, with a sheen of only 5%. Apply to exterior masonry.

Pure White no.1
Whitewash No. 2
Alabaster No. 3
Chalk No. 4
Taj Mahal No. 5
Snowdrift No. 6
Cool Marble No. 7
Sandstone No. 8
Travertine No. 9
Venetian Lace No. 10
Washed Linen No. 11
Pale Ash No. 12
Silver Birch No. 13
Doeskin No. 14
Cocoa Bean No. 15
London Roof No. 16
Grey Pearl No. 17
Pale Graphite No. 18
Perfect Taupe No. 19
Portobello Grey No. 20
Polished Cement No. 21
Moleskin No. 22
Pebble No. 23
Pale Birch No. 24
Cotswold Stone No. 25
Poivre Blanc No. 26
Morning Frost No. 27
London Dove No. 28
Quartz Grey No. 29
Winter Surf No. 30
Gull's Wing No. 31
Dawn Mist No. 32
Cold Embers No. 33
Steel No. 34
Concrete No. 35
Notting Hill Slate No. 36
Iron Ore No. 37
Appleton Grey No. 38
Cheviot Flannel No. 39
Moody Grey No. 40
Patrician No. 41
Battleship Grey No. 42
Moonlit Night No. 43
Vintage Denim No. 44
Coastal Retreat No. 45
Forget Me Not No. 46
Cloudless No. 47
Cornish Ware No. 48
Clear Sky No. 49
Cobalt No. 50
Lapis Lazuli No. 51
Prussian No. 52
Delft Tile No. 53
Sainte Chapelle No. 54
Bluebell No. 55
Jodhpur Palace No. 56
Swedish Blue No. 57
Winter Morning No. 58
Tourmaline No. 59
Cirrus Cloud No. 60
Bayswater Blue No. 61
Cloud No. 62
Moonstone No. 63
TG Blue No. 64
Sevres Porcelain No. 65
Ocean No. 66
Jay's Feather No. 67
Slate Blue No. 68
Dove's Egg No. 69
Waterleaf No. 70
Indian Ocean No. 71
Aqua No. 72
Eucalyptus Leaf No. 73
Celadon No. 74
Fresh Mint No. 75
Pale Jade No. 76
Eau de Nil No. 77
Marine No. 78
Retro Jade No. 79
Robin's Egg No. 80
Antique Jade No. 81
Verdigris No. 82
Duck Egg No. 83
Mountain Dew No. 84
Tuscan Olive No. 85
Salvia No. 86
Spring Mist No. 87
Frozen Grape No. 88
Almond Flower No. 89
Parsons Green No. 90
Vintage Mint No. 91
Emerald No. 92
Varese Leaf No. 93
Asparagus Fern No. 94
Green Apple No. 95
Lime Tree No. 96
Peppermint Cream No. 97
Glass Green No. 98
TG Green No. 99
Greengage No. 100
Mimosa Leaf No. 101
Green Melon No. 102
Cardamon Pod No. 103
Artichoke No. 104
Soft Angelica No. 105
River Reed No. 106
Giardino No. 107
The Vert No. 108
Trailing Willow No. 109
Fenouil No. 110
Williams Pear No. 111
Alchemilla No. 112
Clotted Cream No. 113
Panettone No. 114
Wild Flax No. 115
Pannacotta No. 116
Custard Cream No. 117
Primrose No. 118
Amalfi Lemon No. 119
Red Velvet No. 120
Flame Red No. 121
Strawberry Jam No. 122
Damask Rose No. 123
Island Hibiscus No. 124
Sugared Almond No. 125
Mother of Pearl No. 126
Vreeland Pink No. 127
First Blush No. 128
Jaipur Dusk No. 129
Kyoto Blossom No. 130
Madame Butterfly No. 131
Dianthus Pink No. 132
Palest Pink No. 133
Star Sapphire No. 134
Allium No. 135
French Lavender No. 136
Wild Violet No. 137
First Wisteria No. 138
Dressing Table No. 139
Lilac Bud No. 140
Mulberry Crush No. 141
Autumn Hydrangea No. 142
Mauve Roses No. 143
New Mauve No. 144
Faded Blossom No. 145
Leaden Pink No. 146
Pink Porcelain No. 147
Deepest Plum No. 148
Melanzane No. 149
Purple Basil No. 150
Autumn Moor No. 151
Leaded Mauve No. 152
Highland Heather No. 153
Chiffon Grey No. 154
Poivre Noir No. 155
Black Ink No. 156
Royal Crescent No.157
Sussex Flint No.164
Italian Pumice No.171
Uniform No.178
Chiltern Chalk No.158
Winter Smoke No. 165
Vintage Green No.172
Porthcurno No.179
Wicket No.159
Chanterelle No.166
Retro Olive No.173
Kynance Cove No.180
Pink Salt No.160
Devnonshire Stone No.167
Herbarium No.174
Oxford Gardens No.181
Quartz Rose No.161
Shore Lichen No.168
London Plane Tree No.175
Winter Twilight No.182
Petra Stone No.162
Norfolk Gold No.169
Cedar Tree No.176
Apatite No.183
Terracotta Tile No.163
French Oak No.170
Quercus No.177
Japanese Ink No.184


Designers Guild Masonry Paint Product Information:

Designers Guild Masonry Paint offers exceptional coverage. Offering a range of 154 colours, with a sheen of only 5%. Apply to exterior masonry.

Designers Guild is synonymous with quality and our range of perfect paint is no exception.

Our paint is manufactured in the united kingdom to exacting standards, using only superior quality ingredients, creating rich pure colour.

Packed full of pigments, each shade is available in a range of eco-friendly, water-based, durable interior and exterior finishes which offer outstanding coverage and opacity.

All our paint is environmentally friendly with a low VOC content.

All four finishes are wonderfully durable and washable.

  • for exterior use on masonry
  • durable – life expectancy of 15 years
    sheen level of just 5%
  • mildew and fade resistant
  • resists cracking, peeling and dirt pick-up
  • coverage is approximately 15m2 per litre
  • quick drying – touch dry 2-3 hours, re-coat time 4 hours
  • available in 5ltr & 2.5ltr tins
  • water-based, environmentally friendly with low voc content


                                                                                                                                              United Kingdom 1-3 working days *if it’s in stock*

Why should you order from us?

We are an independent stockist with over 20 years of experience in the industry. we are always catering to our customers needs first before anything else. You will be supporting an independent stockist to help grow and become more competitive to the competition. We offer great customer service which will help you with any queries you may have. Paint & Paper Ltd are a premium stockist.

Why you should order a sample pot

We recommend you order a sample pot. On-screen colours may vary from the actual colour. With a sample pot , you are sure to see the true colours. Ordering a sample is easy. Just click on the ‘Add To Cart’ key above.*If there is no button please contact us to place your sample pot order*. You will be able to see what the colour will look like. Samples are 100ml.

Do I need to use a premium brush for these paints?

You can use any brush you want. Although we recommend that you use branded ones, as they are generally better made. Have a look at our range here.

If you need any advice or help, use our live chat. Or you can email us, or call us.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg

Pure White no.1, Whitewash No. 2, Alabaster No. 3, Chalk No. 4, Taj Mahal No. 5, Snowdrift No. 6, Cool Marble No. 7, Sandstone No. 8, Travertine No. 9, Venetian Lace No. 10, Washed Linen No. 11, Pale Ash No. 12, Silver Birch No. 13, Doeskin No. 14, Cocoa Bean No. 15, London Roof No. 16, Grey Pearl No. 17, Pale Graphite No. 18, Perfect Taupe No. 19, Portobello Grey No. 20, Polished Cement No. 21, Moleskin No. 22, Pebble No. 23, Pale Birch No. 24, Cotswold Stone No. 25, Poivre Blanc No. 26, Morning Frost No. 27, London Dove No. 28, Quartz Grey No. 29, Winter Surf No. 30, Gull's Wing No. 31, Dawn Mist No. 32, Cold Embers No. 33, Steel No. 34, Concrete No. 35, Notting Hill Slate No. 36, Iron Ore No. 37, Appleton Grey No. 38, Cheviot Flannel No. 39, Moody Grey No. 40, Patrician No. 41, Battleship Grey No. 42, Moonlit Night No. 43, Vintage Denim No. 44, Coastal Retreat No. 45, Forget Me Not No. 46, Cloudless No. 47, Cornish Ware No. 48, Clear Sky No. 49, Cobalt No. 50, Lapis Lazuli No. 51, Prussian No. 52, Delft Tile No. 53, Sainte Chapelle No. 54, Bluebell No. 55, Jodhpur Palace No. 56, Swedish Blue No. 57, Winter Morning No. 58, Tourmaline No. 59, Cirrus Cloud No. 60, Bayswater Blue No. 61, Cloud No. 62, Moonstone No. 63, TG Blue No. 64, Sevres Porcelain No. 65, Ocean No. 66, Jay's Feather No. 67, Slate Blue No. 68, Dove's Egg No. 69, Waterleaf No. 70, Indian Ocean No. 71, Aqua No. 72, Eucalyptus Leaf No. 73, Celadon No. 74, Fresh Mint No. 75, Pale Jade No. 76, Eau de Nil No. 77, Marine No. 78, Retro Jade No. 79, Robin's Egg No. 80, Antique Jade No. 81, Verdigris No. 82, Duck Egg No. 83, Mountain Dew No. 84, Tuscan Olive No. 85, Salvia No. 86, Spring Mist No. 87, Frozen Grape No. 88, Almond Flower No. 89, Parsons Green No. 90, Vintage Mint No. 91, Emerald No. 92, Varese Leaf No. 93, Asparagus Fern No. 94, Green Apple No. 95, Lime Tree No. 96, Peppermint Cream No. 97, Glass Green No. 98, TG Green No. 99, Greengage No. 100, Mimosa Leaf No. 101, Green Melon No. 102, Cardamon Pod No. 103, Artichoke No. 104, Soft Angelica No. 105, River Reed No. 106, Giardino No. 107, The Vert No. 108, Trailing Willow No. 109, Fenouil No. 110, Williams Pear No. 111, Alchemilla No. 112, Clotted Cream No. 113, Panettone No. 114, Wild Flax No. 115, Pannacotta No. 116, Custard Cream No. 117, Primrose No. 118, Amalfi Lemon No. 119, Red Velvet No. 120, Flame Red No. 121, Strawberry Jam No. 122, Damask Rose No. 123, Island Hibiscus No. 124, Sugared Almond No. 125, Mother of Pearl No. 126, Vreeland Pink No. 127, First Blush No. 128, Jaipur Dusk No. 129, Kyoto Blossom No. 130, Madame Butterfly No. 131, Dianthus Pink No. 132, Palest Pink No. 133, Star Sapphire No. 134, Allium No. 135, French Lavender No. 136, Wild Violet No. 137, First Wisteria No. 138, Dressing Table No. 139, Lilac Bud No. 140, Mulberry Crush No. 141, Autumn Hydrangea No. 142, Mauve Roses No. 143, New Mauve No. 144, Faded Blossom No. 145, Leaden Pink No. 146, Pink Porcelain No. 147, Deepest Plum No. 148, Melanzane No. 149, Purple Basil No. 150, Autumn Moor No. 151, Leaded Mauve No. 152, Highland Heather No. 153, Chiffon Grey No. 154, Poivre Noir No. 155, Black Ink No. 156, Royal Crescent No.157, Sussex Flint No.164, Italian Pumice No.171, Uniform No.178, Chiltern Chalk No.158, Winter Smoke No. 165, Vintage Green No.172, Porthcurno No.179, Wicket No.159, Chanterelle No.166, Retro Olive No.173, Kynance Cove No.180, Pink Salt No.160, Devnonshire Stone No.167, Herbarium No.174, Oxford Gardens No.181, Quartz Rose No.161, Shore Lichen No.168, London Plane Tree No.175, Winter Twilight No.182, Petra Stone No.162, Norfolk Gold No.169, Cedar Tree No.176, Apatite No.183, Terracotta Tile No.163, French Oak No.170, Quercus No.177, Japanese Ink No.184



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