Farrow & Ball Dead Flat 750ml


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For the ulitimate aesthetic matt look. Farrow & Ball’s Dead Flat can be used on a variety of surfaces – where appearance is more important than practicality.

Please do not rely on your computer screen for colour accuracy. We suggest you order a FREE colour card followed by a Farrow & Ball Sample pot of your chosen colour to test in situ.

All White
Wimborne White
James White
White Tie
New White
House White
Shadow White
Shaded White
Drop Cloth
Savage Ground
Salon Drab
Joa's White
Oxford Stone
Smoked Trout
London Stone
Slipper Satin
Lime White
Old White
Light Gray
Mouse's Back
Strong White
Cornforth White
Purbeck Stone
Mole's Breath
Stony Ground
Blue Gray
Pavilion Gray
French Gray
Hardwick White
Lamp Room Gray
Skimming Stone
Elephant's Breath
Dove Tale
Charleston Gray
London Clay
Great White
Cinder Rose
Pink Ground
Setting Plaster
Dead Salmon
Middleton Pink
Nancy's Blushes
Red Earth
Picture Gallery Red
Rectory Red
Eating Room Red
Book Room Red
Charlotte's Locks
Pale Hound
Dayroom Yellow
Yellow Ground
Ringwold Ground
Farrows Cream
Dorset Cream
Sudbury Yellow
India Yellow
Tunsgate Green
Green Ground
Cooking Apple Green
Ball Green
Card Room Green
Green Smoke
Churlish Green
Yeabridge Green
Breakfast Room Green
Calke Green
Studio Green
Vert De Terre
Teresa's Green
Dix Blue
Stone Blue
Cabbage White
Pavilion Blue
Pale Powder
Green Blue
Oval Room Blue
Inchyra Blue
Borrowed Light
Light Blue
Parma Gray
Lulworth Blue
Cook's Blue
Blue Ground
ST Giles Blue
Pitch Blue
Drawing Room Blue
Stiffkey Blue
Hague Blue
Manor House Gray
Down Pipe
Tanner's Brown
Black Blue
Pitch Black


Farrow & Ball Dead Flat 750ml

If you are fortunate enough to own a historic property, Farrow & Ball specialist finishes are right up your street! Here we talk a bit about Farrow & Ball Dead Flat 750ml. Surely the ultimate flat, matt finish. This is exactly what historic houses used on interior woodwork, plaster and metal surfaces. This is one of the reasons perhaps they look  so dead matt and thus elegant. You shouldn’t use it though in kitchens, bathrooms, furniture or in areas of heavy wear as it’s just not hard enough.

Recommended Primers & Undercoats

Farrow & Ball Interior Wood Primer & Undercoat is for use on interior woodwork. Metal Primer & Undercoat is for metal. Wall & Ceiling Primer & Undercoat is for interior walls & ceilings.

All Farrow & Ball paints are eco friendly with low or minimal Volatile Organic Compounds.

Fore more information download the Dead Flat data sheet

About Farrow & Ball

Farrow & Ball paints are born and bred in Dorset, England. They have resided there since John Farrow, and fellow paint pioneer, Richard Ball founded the company in 1946. Their passion for making paint to original formulations, using only the finest ingredients, is matched by today’s craftsmen.

There is true alchemy to their paints. Is it their high levels of pigment? Or perhaps the use of rich resin binders? Or could it be the high refractory nature of their key ingredients? All these factors help to produce their signature depth of colour. And, to ensure the paint meets their obsessively high requirements, they scrupulously test every batch. There’s a reason Stiffkey Blue is the precise colour of the extraordinary mud found at Stiffkey beach in Norfolk!

Note: Please do not rely on your computer screen for colour accuracy. Order a FREE colour card and then a tester pot to check your chosen colour in situ.

Additional information

Weight 1.000 kg

All White, Wevet, Wimborne White, Pointing, James White, Clunch, White Tie, New White, House White, Matchstick, String, Cord, Shadow White, Shaded White, Drop Cloth, Tallow, Savage Ground, Salon Drab, Dimity, Joa's White, Archive, Oxford Stone, Smoked Trout, London Stone, Slipper Satin, Lime White, Off-White, Old White, Light Gray, Mouse's Back, Strong White, Ammonite, Cornforth White, Purbeck Stone, Worsted, Mole's Breath, Stony Ground, Bone, Cromarty, Mizzle, Blue Gray, Pigeon, Blackened, Dimpse, Pavilion Gray, French Gray, Hardwick White, Lamp Room Gray, Skimming Stone, Elephant's Breath, Dove Tale, Charleston Gray, London Clay, Brinjal, Great White, Peignoir, Cinder Rose, Pink Ground, Setting Plaster, Dead Salmon, Middleton Pink, Calamine, Nancy's Blushes, Red Earth, Picture Gallery Red, Incarnadine, Rectory Red, Eating Room Red, Radicchio, Book Room Red, Charlotte's Locks, Blazer, Pale Hound, Dayroom Yellow, Yellowcake, Citron, Yellow Ground, Babouche, Ringwold Ground, Farrows Cream, Dorset Cream, Hay, Sudbury Yellow, India Yellow, Tunsgate Green, Green Ground, Cooking Apple Green, Ball Green, Card Room Green, Green Smoke, Churlish Green, Yeabridge Green, Breakfast Room Green, Calke Green, Arsenic, Studio Green, Vert De Terre, Lichen, Teresa's Green, Dix Blue, Vardo, Stone Blue, Cabbage White, Pavilion Blue, Pale Powder, Green Blue, Oval Room Blue, Inchyra Blue, Borrowed Light, Skylight, Light Blue, Parma Gray, Lulworth Blue, Cook's Blue, Blue Ground, ST Giles Blue, Pitch Blue, Drawing Room Blue, Stiffkey Blue, Hague Blue, Calluna, Brassica, Pelt, Manor House Gray, Plummett, Down Pipe, Mahogany, Tanner's Brown, Railings, Black Blue, Off-Black, Pitch Black


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