Farrow & Ball Soft Distemper 5 litres



Farrow & Ball Soft Distemper highlights fine plasterwork without clogging up the detail, as often happens with ordinary emulsions. It is available in 50 colours shown below. Do not rely on your computer screen for colour accuracy but please order a FREE colour card.

Note: Soft Distemper is made especially to order and is a non-stocked, non-returnable item.


Farrow & Ball Soft Distemper

Farrow & Ball Soft Distemper is a very traditional distemper. It’s an ideal choice for fine plasterwork and delicate ceilings. The natural resins help to achieve a very flat and powdery appearance. It’s easy to remove which is great when the time comes to redecorate. Just a light brushing and you are ready to roll! Ordinary paints clog and soon all your fine detail will have vanished. Not what you want!


Ensure all surfaces to be painted are sound; clean; dry; free from dirt, grease and other contamination. Wash off previous coats. Farrow & Ball Soft Distemper does not require an undercoat. Dilute with at least 10 % water. For ceilings of varying porosity a further dilution may be necessary. Diluting helps to give a better flow and keep colour variations to a minimum.

New surfaces. Newly lime plastered surfaces should be left for 4-5 weeks prior to painting.

Previously distempered surfaces. Wash off existing distemper. Pay particular attention to crevices and allow to dry.

Previously painted modern surfaces. Soft Distemper is not suitable for painting onto modern finishes. These will need to be removed.

Plaster ceilings which have salt problems will stain and blister subsequent coatings. Using Soft Distemper will allow the ceiling to breathe and also enable the problem to be monitored.

Structurally damaged surfaces. Cracked or loose plaster must be repaired or filled with an appropriate filler. Farrow & Ball do not recommend modern fillers on lime based substrates. These trap moisture, are too hard and lead to cracking and an uneven porosity when painting.


  • Due to the traditional nature of this finish, Farrow & Ball Soft Distemper will not accept subsequent layers of modern paints.
  • Soft Distemper is made in the traditional manner using fine pigments and will inevitably have some small variations in colour.
  • The final colour of Soft Distemper is dependent on the porosity and moisture content of the surface. This can lead to changes in tone.
  • Soft Distemper is made to special order and is non returnable.
  • It is not possible to wipe or wash Soft Distemper


Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean, dry and free from dirt. Apply with a fine synthetic bristled brush.  Brush the paint on in a vertical direction. Then spread the paint out in a horizontal direction. Layer off in a single direction. This method keeps brush marks to a minimum.

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Wimborne White, Pointing, James White, Clunch, Shaded White, White Tie, New White, Matchstick, String, Cord, Shadow White, Tallow, Ringwold Ground, House White, Farrows Cream, Dimity, joa's white, Archive, Slipper Satin, Lime White, Off-White, Old White, Strong White, Ammonite, Cornforth White, Purbeck Stone, Stony Ground, Fawn, Bone, Cromarty, Blackened, Dimpse, Pavilion Gray, Skimming Stone, Elephants breath, Great White, Peignoir, Pink Ground, Setting Plaster, Calamine, Pale Hound, Dayroom Yellow, Hound Lemon, Dorset Cream, Tunsgate Green, Green Ground, Cooking Apple Green, Pavilion Blue, Pale Powder, Borrowed Light, Skylight

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