Fired Earth Eggshell 2.5 Litre


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A tough and washable paint with a low sheen, which acts as its own undercoat. For use on interior woodwork and walls, particularly in areas which need to be readily cleaned, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Can also be used externally on suitably primed woodwork.

Please do not rely on a monitor screen to select colours but order a FREE Colour Card. Having chosen a colour from the colour card, we recommend you buy a Sample Pot to see your colour in situ?

PC001 Dover Cliffs
PC002 Apres Ski
PC003 Silica White
PC004 Flake White
PC005 Debutantes Gown
PC006 Old White
PC007 White Mulberry
PC008 Bianco
PC009 Lime White
PC010 Passion Flower
PC011 Oyster
PC012 Modernist White
PC013 Aunty Maud
PC014 Yes Your Honour
PC015 Alabaster
PC016 Pearl Ashes
PC017 Skylon Grey
PC018 Antimony
PC019 Platinum Pale
PC020 Bone White
PC021 Pale Circus
PC022 Little Owl
PC023 Granite
PC024 Nightingale
PC025 Ivory
PC026 Quartz Stone
PC027 Mockingbird
PC028 Garden Folly
PC029 Plumbago
PC030 Mercury
PC031 Glass Samphire
PC032 Sea Lavender
PC033 Smoke Blue
PC034 Storm
PC035 Tempest
PC036 Top Hat
PC037 Blue Ashes
PC038 Welkin Blue
PC039 Blue Grass
PC040 Turkish Blue
PC041 Bamiyan Blue
PC042 Jazz Café
PC043 A Dip In The Lake
PC044 Duck Egg
PC045 A Day By The Sea
PC046 Mrs Booth
PC047 Mariana Blue
PC048 Carbon Blue
PC049 Nordic Light
PC050 Hummingbird
PC051 Ultramarine Ashes
PC052 Graphite
PC053 South Bank
PC054 Charcoal
PC055 Rose Mallow
PC056 Chalk Violet
PC057 Cleopatras Nose
PC058 Tyrian Rose
PC059 Burnt Juniper
PC060 Amethyst
PC061 Rose Bay
PC062 EtonMess
PC063 Cochineal
PC064 Maddor Red
PC065 Dragon's Blood
PC066 Carragheen
PC067 Manna Ash
PC068 Hansel And Gretel
PC069 Orchard Pink
PC070 Festival Orange
PC071 Terracotta Warrior
PC072 Pompeiian Red
PC073 Marble
PC074 Stone Ochre
PC075 Wax Myrtle
PC076 White Ochure
PC077 Verd-Antique
PC078 Pumblechook
PC079 Light Umber
PC080 Canvas
PC081 Travetina Crema
PC082 Ecru
PC083 Pumice
PC084 Cobble
PC085 Gesso
PC086 Malm
PC087 Oak Apple
PC088 China Clay
PC089 Basswood
PC090 Amber Gris
PC091 Old Cream
PC092 Old Ochre
PC093 Tundra
PC094 Dowager
PC095 Gin & Tonic
PC096 Burnt Verdigris
PC097 Gypsum
PC098 Roman Ochure
PC099 Sienna Earth
PC100 Aconite Yellow
PC101 Delias Secret
PC102 Hustle at 5pm
PC103 Chalk White
PC104 Oxford Ochre
PC105 Pale Coumarin
PC106 Goldfinch
PC107 Weld Yellow
PC108 Wild Olive
PC109 Opal Green
PC110 Sweet Cicely
PC111 Summer Lichen
PC112 Orchard Leaf
PC113 Peafowl
PC114 Mad King George
PC115 Celadon
PC116 Marram
PC117 Garden City
PC118 Weald Green
PC119 Garnet
PC120 Malachite


Fired Earth Eggshell 2.5 Litre

Fired Earth Eggshell 2.5 Litre is a fabulously tough and washable paint. This eggshell has a low sheen. Another very useful feature is you won’t need an undercoat. Why because you can also use the top coat as the undercoat! Use this tough finish on all your interior woodwork. It’s great too for bathroom and kitchen walls where you need a tougher finish. This versatile product can even be used externally on suitably primed woodwork.

More Product Features

  • A water based paint.
  • Smooth eggshell finish.
  • Minimal Volatile Organic Compounds – 0 – 0.29%.
  • Virtually odour free during application.
  • A hard wearing and washable paint.
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Resistant to stains, marks and condensation.
  • High opacity means excellent covering power.
  • Easy to apply and quick drying.
  • Coverage: 14m2 per litre per coat.
  • Sheen level: 20%

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Natural Daylight

Natural daylight varies according to both the time of day and weather conditions. The same colour can often appear completely different from area to area and according to the height of the sun. The light when the full sun, for example, is streaming through a window has a very different feel to the muted light of an overcast day. This changeability is, of course, fascinating, but it can add an extra dimension when it comes to choosing the ideal colour. In addition, the direction the room is facing can also have a profound effect on the wall colours.

Additional information

Weight 4.000 kg

PC001 Dover Cliffs, PC002 Apres Ski, PC003 Silica White, PC004 Flake White, PC005 Debutantes Gown, PC006 Old White, PC007 White Mulberry, PC008 Bianco, PC009 Lime White, PC010 Passion Flower, PC011 Oyster, PC012 Modernist White, PC013 Aunty Maud, PC014 Yes Your Honour, PC015 Alabaster, PC016 Pearl Ashes, PC017 Skylon Grey, PC018 Antimony, PC019 Platinum Pale, PC020 Bone White, PC021 Pale Circus, PC022 Little Owl, PC023 Granite, PC024 Nightingale, PC025 Ivory, PC026 Quartz Stone, PC027 Mockingbird, PC028 Garden Folly, PC029 Plumbago, PC030 Mercury, PC031 Glass Samphire, PC032 Sea Lavender, PC033 Smoke Blue, PC034 Storm, PC035 Tempest, PC036 Top Hat, PC037 Blue Ashes, PC038 Welkin Blue, PC039 Blue Grass, PC040 Turkish Blue, PC041 Bamiyan Blue, PC042 Jazz Café, PC043 A Dip In The Lake, PC044 Duck Egg, PC045 A Day By The Sea, PC046 Mrs Booth, PC047 Mariana Blue, PC048 Carbon Blue, PC049 Nordic Light, PC050 Hummingbird, PC051 Ultramarine Ashes, PC052 Graphite, PC053 South Bank, PC054 Charcoal, PC055 Rose Mallow, PC056 Chalk Violet, PC057 Cleopatras Nose, PC058 Tyrian Rose, PC059 Burnt Juniper, PC060 Amethyst, PC061 Rose Bay, PC062 EtonMess, PC063 Cochineal, PC064 Maddor Red, PC065 Dragon's Blood, PC066 Carragheen, PC067 Manna Ash, PC068 Hansel And Gretel, PC069 Orchard Pink, PC070 Festival Orange, PC071 Terracotta Warrior, PC072 Pompeiian Red, PC073 Marble, PC074 Stone Ochre, PC075 Wax Myrtle, PC076 White Ochure, PC077 Verd-Antique, PC078 Pumblechook, PC079 Light Umber, PC080 Canvas, PC081 Travetina Crema, PC082 Ecru, PC083 Pumice, PC084 Cobble, PC085 Gesso, PC086 Malm, PC087 Oak Apple, PC088 China Clay, PC089 Basswood, PC090 Amber Gris, PC091 Old Cream, PC092 Old Ochre, PC093 Tundra, PC094 Dowager, PC095 Gin & Tonic, PC096 Burnt Verdigris, PC097 Gypsum, PC098 Roman Ochure, PC099 Sienna Earth, PC100 Aconite Yellow, PC101 Delias Secret, PC102 Hustle at 5pm, PC103 Chalk White, PC104 Oxford Ochre, PC105 Pale Coumarin, PC106 Goldfinch, PC107 Weld Yellow, PC108 Wild Olive, PC109 Opal Green, PC110 Sweet Cicely, PC111 Summer Lichen, PC112 Orchard Leaf, PC113 Peafowl, PC114 Mad King George, PC115 Celadon, PC116 Marram, PC117 Garden City, PC118 Weald Green, PC119 Garnet, PC120 Malachite


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