Little Greene Colour Scales & Grey Fan Deck

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Little Greene Grey Scales Fan Deck, Choose from over 100’s of colours. Also available the Colours of England Fandeck

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Little Greene Colour Scales & Grey Fan Deck

The Little Greene Colour Scales & Grey Fan Deck is a beautiful new collection. There’s a full page for each of the colours in the Little Greene Colour Scales & Grey Fan Deck.  The deck also comes with a useful see through protective cover.

Grey Scales

The Grey collection is exactly that. Twelve of the best-loved colours from the Little Greene ‘Colours of England’ colour card in lighter or darker tones. A delightful soft palette offering subtle variations of shade. Its incredibly easy-to-use for harmonising and combining colours. This is a must have swatch for professional designers and home-decorators alike.

Little Greene’s Managing Director, David Mottershead commented ‘Our customers repeatedly ask us for varied strengths of our colours. No surprise since the practice of using scales of tone has its origins firmly rooted in the past.’

Contrary to popular assumption there were no such things as colour standards. Designers & craftsmen of yesteryear would create paint shades ‘off the cuff’ by blending raw pigments themselves. Each artisan would reduce a particular shade with white to produce a personalised collection. He used these ‘scaled down’ colours either as individual shades or in harmonious groups.

Colour Scales

Little Greene’s Colour Scales Fan Deck makes colour selection easy. Overlapping paint chips overcomes the problem of viewing a colour surrounded by bright white. The bright white border surrounding colour chips is often the reason a shade appears to be lighter or darker. A Colour Scales card lets clients choose their own variations in colour strength. This is how the original designers did it. But you won’t have the hassle of ‘mixing the paint’.  The chips on the Colour Scales card are accurate samples of both colour and finish.

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