Little Greene Colours of England Fandeck

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Full page swatches of each shade in the little greene colour scales and grey scales collection.

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Little Greene Colours of England Fandeck

Full page swatches of each shade in our Colours of England collection.

Based on the most sought after shades in the Little Greene ranges and including a number of newly developed colours , the updated palette represents a harmonious fusion of classic colours for a contemporary environment.
The 128 shade collection is a versatile and balanced mix of neutrals and bright accent colours. 60 neutral tones, range from whites and off whites through creams, stones and muted yellows to greys. In line with Little Greene’s strong environmentally-aware principles, all the neutral colours are based on naturally occurring pigments and minerals, which gives them an exceptionally organic appearance.

You will find all your favourite historic shades. You’ve got Georgian; Regency and Victorian colours. Plus popular contemporary ones. So then, there you have it. 128 Colours of England all in a single fandeck. The ultimate Little Greene Colours of England Fandeck.

Please do not rely on your screen when choosing colours. Would you like to see our sample pots?

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Natural daylight varies according to both the time of day and weather conditions. The same colour can often appear completely different from area to area and according to the height of the sun. The light when the full sun, for example, is streaming through a window has a very different feel to the muted light of an overcast day. This changeability is, of course, fascinating, but it can add an extra dimension when it comes to choosing the ideal colour. In addition, the direction the room is facing can also have a profound effect on the wall colours.

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