Little Greene Wall Primer Sealer 10 litre



Suitable for both interior and exterior use.

Tintable in a range of colours, this primer seals and stabilises the surface and controls the absorption of new plaster or patch repaired surfaces to prevent patchiness of the finish coat.


Little Greene Wall Primer Sealer 10 litre

Little Greene Wall Primer Sealer 10 litre is a high quality, water-based primer. Use it to seal surfaces before painting. Have you noticed how new plaster is very absorbent? This is a problem for painters. Take the moisture out of paint too fast and it dries patchy. So you need a product to control the absorption. The Little Greene Primer Sealer does this. It is also useful for binding friable surfaces. Use this product indoors or outdoors on new plaster and absorbent surfaces. You will end up with a great looking job. It also allows the fabric to breathe and sticks well to most surfaces.

You can use Primer Sealer under these products.

  • Absolute Matt Emulsion
  • Intelligent Matt Emulsion
  • Intelligent Eggshell
  • Masonry Paint.

Product benefits

  1. Available in a range of pastel colours.
  2. Virtually odourless in application
  3. Quick Drying – touch dry in 2 hours
  4. Can be over coated after 4 hours
  5. Environmentally friendly
  6. Available in 2.5 and 10 litre cans

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