Osmo 3029 Liquid Wax Cleaner Clear 1 Litre


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Special care for oil-waxed surfaces.


Special care for oil-waxed surfaces!

  •     Highly effective in the removal of fat, shoe polish, shoe marks, ink and other hard to remove stains
  •     For cleaning and maintaining oiled and waxed wood/cork floors and furniture
  •     Both cleans and regenerates the wood, as well as providing necessary waxes without building a film layer
  •     Use: Apply the Liquid Wax Cleaner to the surface (approx. 1 cap full per m2), spread and polish using the Osmo active fibre cloth (available with Osmo Opti-Set)
  •     Available in 1 and 10 litre drums or as a spray 400ml spray can
  •     1 litre covers approx. 80-100 m2

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