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Paint Library Architectural Colours – a complementary colour-by-number system for ceiling, cornice, wall and woodwork, using chromatic colours of a similar tonal weight.

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Paint Library colour card

The Paint Library colour card is a work of art. Paint Library have painted the 180 colour chips in their chalky ‘Pure Flat Emulsion’ – perfect for choosing colours.

When you have made your initial colour decisions, ensure you order a sample pot – available in 125ml or 250ml.

Sample the colours in situ over a broader area. Take into account natural and artificial light changes throughout the day. Observing the changes will enable you to confirm your colour decisions with confidence.

Please do not rely on your screen for choosing colours because every one’s screen is different.

Choosing Colour

Understanding how colours ‘behave’ is one of the most difficult aspects of decoration to get right.

It has a lot do with ambient light which is seldom constant. Ambient light causes colours to appear to change at different times of the day. Overcoming this variable is made easier with the use of ‘Architectural Colours’. The consistent pigmentation in each set works in both artificial and natural lighting.

Before commencing any interior decoration project consider the amount and direction of light. This may be natural or artificial. Take into account the architecture, purpose and size of the room.

Not all of us are experienced or have an interior designer on hand to help us choose colours. Before committing to a colour, plan where to make a definite statement. Consider where to create sufficient emphasis to catch the light and eye. Use your natural intuition and pick colours that look right for you.

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