Sanderson Active Emulsion 5 litre

Sanderson Active Emulsion


The new ‘Active Emulsion’ paint is a high-performance product and a technically superior emulsion, suitable for interior use on walls and woodwork. Highly durable and washable, this new finish is ideal for use in high-traffic areas such as corridors, kitchens and playrooms. With only a 6% sheen level, it achieves a desirable matt appearance whilst maintaining a smooth finish, achieving beautiful results.

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Airlane Blue
Amsterdam Green
Amanpuri Red
Barely Beige
Balmory Blue
Birch White Light
Birch White
Beech Grey
Bengal Red
Beige Shadow
Blue Clay
Boy Blue
Botanical Green
Boulder White
Burn Black Light
Cadet Blue
Canopy Green
Caraway Green
Carmen Light
Cameo White
Ceramic Blue
Chateau Grey
Chiswick White
Clay Powder
Cosmic Grey
Country Linen
Coquette Light
Crag Grey
Crystal Grey
Crystal Palace
Dawn Blue Light
Desert Gold
Devon Green
Dove Blue
Driftwood Grey Light
Dusty Lilac
Dusky White
Elder Bark
Embleton Bay
English Grey
English Lilac
English Pear
Ethereal Blue
Field Mushroom
Fire Pink
Fountain Green
French Rose
Gardenia Green
Golden Honey
Green Almond
Grey Birch
Greige Light
Green Grotto
Grey Birch Light
Grey Mist
Grey Squirrel
Gull Grey
Harbour Blue
High Sea
Horizon Grey
Hosta Green
Ice Cascade
Imperial Ivory
Indigo Blue
Kent Grey
Lime Cloud
Light Rose
Lilac Shadow
Manilla Beige
Marshmallow Snow
Marble White
Menai Blue
Mercury Light
Meadow Violet
Midnight Blue
Ming Gold
Morning Dew Light
Moonlit Green Light
Mushroom Grey
Mushroom Grey Light
Newby Green
Neutral Light
New Silver
Night Fishing
Oakeley Slate
Ocean Spray Light
Oriental Pearl
Oxney Olive
Oyster White Light
Oyster White
Pale Parchment Light
Pale Parchment
Peony Pink
Quaker Drab
Quill Grey
Rain Lake
Rose Ash Light
Rowan Berry
Sage Grey
Sand Tan
Scotch Grey
Sea Pink
Silver Dust
Silver fern
Silver Frost
Silver Mint
Sky Grey
Smoky Blue
Smoketree Light
Southwold Blue
Soft Ivory
Snowy Owl
Tropical Palm
Whitby Blue
Whitstable Blue
White Willow
Window Blue
Wisteria Falls
Wild Plum Light
Winter White
Wortle Light
Woodland Yellow
Wren Feather
Yacht Blue Light


Sanderson Active Emulsion Paint 5 Litre

The new Sanderson ‘Active Emulsion’ paint 5 Litre is a high-performance product and a technically superior emulsion. You can use it on interior walls and woodwork. Highly durable and washable, Active emulsion finish is the ideal choice for high-traffic areas such as corridors, kitchens and playrooms. With only a 6% sheen level, Sanderson Active Emulsion paint achieves a desirable matt appearance whilst maintaining a smooth finish, achieving beautiful results.

Active Emulsion Preparation

You should first ensure surfaces to be painted are dry, sound and free from dirt. Rub down glossy surfaces to provide a good “key” for new paint. Remove all dust and debris from the surface as this could adversely affect the appearance of the finished job. For best results, all woodwork and metalwork should be primed. There are three reasons for this:

  1.     It will make the finish coat look better and work more effectively.
  2.     By sealing unpainted or sanded surfaces you are providing a suitable surface for the finish coat.
  3.     Priming will prevent darker colours from bleeding through. This is especially so when painting from a dark to a light colour.


Here’s how to get rid of marks. Mix up some warm water with a bit of washing up liquid. Select a clean sponge and wet it. But you don’t want it dripping. Dab the affected area and repeat as required. Avoid a circular cleaning motion as this may polish up the surface. Use a cloth for textured walls. Using a cloth avoids the formation of messy and hard to remove bits due to sponge break up.

Repair: Apply a thinned down primer coat to any bare porous surface. Repaint wall section “break to break” for best results. In most cases, spot repairs will remain visible and produce an aesthetically unacceptable result.

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Weight 5 kg

Airlane Blue, Amsterdam Green, Amanpuri Red, Artichoke, Barely Beige, Balmory Blue, Bastille, Birch White Light, Birch White, Beech Grey, Bengal Red, Beige Shadow, Blue Clay, Boy Blue, Botanical Green, Boulder White, Briarwood, Broncho, Burn Black Light, Cadet Blue, Canopy Green, Caraway Green, Carbon, Carmen Light, Cameo White, Ceramic Blue, Chasm, Chateau Grey, Chiswick White, Clay Powder, Cosmic Grey, Country Linen, Coquette Light, Crag Grey, Crystal Grey, Crystal Palace, Dawn Blue Light, Danbury, Desert Gold, Devon Green, Dove Blue, Driftwood Grey Light, Dusty Lilac, Dusky White, Eggplant, Elder Bark, Embleton Bay, English Grey, English Lilac, English Pear, Ethereal Blue, Eucalyptus, Field Mushroom, Fire Pink, Fountain Green, French Rose, Gardenia Green, Golden Honey, Green Almond, Grandiflora, Grey Birch, Greige Light, Green Grotto, Grey Birch Light, Grey Mist, Graphite, Grey Squirrel, Gull Grey, Harbour Blue, High Sea, Horizon Grey, Hosta Green, Ice Cascade, Imperial Ivory, Indigo Blue, Inkwood, Iron-Grey, Kent Grey, Lime Cloud, Light Rose, Lilac Shadow, Manilla Beige, Marshmallow Snow, Matterhorn, Marble White, Menai Blue, Mercury Light, Meadow Violet, Midnight Blue, Mistflower, Ming Gold, Morning Dew Light, Moonlit Green Light, Moonsprite, Mudstone, Mushroom Grey, Mushroom Grey Light, Newby Green, Neutral Light, Neutral, New Silver, Night Fishing, Nightshade, Oakeley Slate, Ocean Spray Light, Oriental Pearl, Owlswick, Oxney Olive, Oyster White Light, Oyster White, Pale Parchment Light, Pale Parchment, Papavera, Peony Pink, Quaker Drab, Quill Grey, Rain Lake, Rhodera, Rose Ash Light, Rowan Berry, Sage Grey, Sand Tan, Scotch Grey, Sea Pink, Silver Dust, Silver fern, Silverflake, Silver Frost, Silver Mint, Sky Grey, Smoky Blue, Smoketree Light, Southwold Blue, Soft Ivory, Sorilla, Snowy Owl, Squirrel, Starling, Tropical Palm, Turtledove, Vineyard, Whitby Blue, Westminster, Whitstable Blue, Wheat, White Willow, Window Blue, Wisteria Falls, Wild Plum Light, Winter White, Wortle Light, Woodland Yellow, Wren Feather, Yacht Blue Light


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