Sanderson Tester/Sample Pot


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All Sanderson sample/tester pots are supplied in Matt Emulsion.

Please do not rely on your computer screen for colour accuracy but order a colour card .

These colours are at the forefront of current trends in interior decorating and have been selected to ensure they perfectly complement Sanderson’s most recent fabric and wallpaper collections and those of other leading interiors brands.

Because of their high quality finish, superb coverage and value for money, Spectrum Paints are recognised as industry standards, frequently recommended by architects, interior designers and decorating professionals alike.

S001 Silver Flake
S002 Birch White Lt
S003 Boulder White
S004 Birch White
S005 Moonrise
S006 Grey birch Lt
S007 Quill Grey
S008 Moonsprite
S009 Matterhorn
S010 Cameo White
S011 Neutral Lt
S012 Oyster White Lt
S013 Neutral
S014 OysterWhite
S015 Soft Ivory
S016 Abbey White
S017 Pale Parchment Lt
S018 Pale Parchment
S019 Old Ivory
S020 Imperial Ivory
S021 Ivory Sand
S022 Marble White
S023 Morning Dew
S024 Beige Shadow
S025 Bronco
S026 Mudstone
S027 Beach Tan
S028 Yellow Birch
S029 Winter White
S030 Duskey White
S031 Barley Beige
S032 Silver Dust
Colour: S033 Mushroom Grey Lt
S034 Mushroom Grey
S035 Westminster
S036 Marshmallow Snow
S037 Manilla Beige
S038 Sand Tan Lt
S039 San Tan
S040 Beach Beige
S041 Chateau Grey
S042 Starling
S043 Crystal Grey
S044 Greige Lt
S045 Horizon Grey
S046 Mercury Lt
S047 Kent Grey
S048 Iron Grey
S049 Grey Squirrel
S050 Sky Grey
S051 Ice Cascade
S052 New Silver
S053 Turtle Dove
S054 Ocean Spray Lt
S055 Scotch Grey
S056 English Grey
S057 Cosmic Grey
S058 Fountain Green
S059 Smoky Blue
S060 Caribbean Blue
S061 Ceramic Blue
S062 High Sea
S063 Chasm
S064 Oriental Pearl
S065 Driftwood Grey Lt
S066 Sage Grey
S067 Crystal Palace
S068 Gardenia Green
S069 Vineyard
S070 Amsterdam Green
S071 Misty Mint
S072 Queen Anne Green Lt
S073 Green Shoot
S074 Lime Cloud
S075 Green Almond
S076 Green Grotto
S077 Canopy Green
S078 Moonlit Green Lt
S079 Desert Gold
S080 Curry Yellow
S081 Lime Froth
S082 Limelight
S083 Ming Gold
S084 Empire Gold
S085 Rose Ash Lt
S086 Coral Shadow
S087 Inkwood
S088 Fire Pink
S089 Carmen Lt
S090 Bengal Red
S091 Firecracker Lt
S092 Peony Pink
S093 Moss Phlox
S094 Raspberry Cream
S095 French Rose
S096 Chic Pink
S097 Pink Rapture
S098 Cherry Glow
S099 Coquette Lt
S100 Light Rose
S101 Dusky Rose
S102 Light Amethyst
S103 Orchid Smoke
S104 Purple Lagoon
S105 Wild Plum
S106 Delicacy
S107 French Lilac Lt
S108 Lady Lilac Lt
S109 Kingly Grey
S110 Creme De Violette
S111 Meadow Violet
S112 Wortle Lt
S113 Mistflower
S114 Smoketree Lt
S115 Dusty Lilac
S116 English Lilac
S117 Lilac Shadow
S118 Quaker Drab
S119 Eggplant
S120 Ethereal Blue
S121 Airlane Blue
S122 Bonton
S123 Boy Blue
S124 Old Glory
S125 Cadet Blue
S126 Blue Moon
S127 Dawn Blue Lt
S128 Window Blue
S129 Dove Blue
S130 Blue Clay
S131 Danbury
S132 Midnight Blue
S133 Yacht Blue
S134 Crag Grey
S135 Graphite
S136 Indigo Blue
S137 Fine Black
S138 Den Lt
S139 Bastille
S140 Burnt Black


Sanderson Tester/Sample Pot

There’s nothing like adding a splash of colour to your wall. Why not try out a Sanderson tester/sample pot to see the finished look. You might prefer to brush out your sample onto a piece of card. You can then move it around from room to room. This is great for seeing colours in different lights. Sanderson paints have great coverage so you will soon get a nice depth of colour.  Sanderson use their Matt Emulsion for testers. This dries to an exceptionally classic, matt finish.

Which Finish

Sanderson Matt Emulsion is fine for all interior walls and ceilings. You can gently sponge it but for really tough jobs you are better using Sanderson Active Emulsion . By tough jobs we mean Hallways, Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Why Designers Pick Sanderson

Sanderson paint colours are chosen to match their fabric and wallpaper collections. This makes them popular with architects, interior designers and decorating professionals alike.


Please do not rely on your computer screen for choosing colours. Everybody’s screen looks different! Its a much better idea to order a FREE colour card .

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

S001 Silver Flake, S002 Birch White Lt, S003 Boulder White, S004 Birch White, S005 Moonrise, S006 Grey birch Lt, S007 Quill Grey, S008 Moonsprite, S009 Matterhorn, S010 Cameo White, S011 Neutral Lt, S012 Oyster White Lt, S013 Neutral, S014 OysterWhite, S015 Soft Ivory, S016 Abbey White, S017 Pale Parchment Lt, S018 Pale Parchment, S019 Old Ivory, S020 Imperial Ivory, S021 Ivory Sand, S022 Marble White, S023 Morning Dew, S024 Beige Shadow, S025 Bronco, S026 Mudstone, S027 Beach Tan, S028 Yellow Birch, S029 Winter White, S030 Duskey White, S031 Barley Beige, S032 Silver Dust, Colour: S033 Mushroom Grey Lt, S034 Mushroom Grey, S035 Westminster, S036 Marshmallow Snow, S037 Manilla Beige, S038 Sand Tan Lt, S039 San Tan, S040 Beach Beige, S041 Chateau Grey, S042 Starling, S043 Crystal Grey, S044 Greige Lt, S045 Horizon Grey, S046 Mercury Lt, S047 Kent Grey, S048 Iron Grey, S049 Grey Squirrel, S050 Sky Grey, S051 Ice Cascade, S052 New Silver, S053 Turtle Dove, S054 Ocean Spray Lt, S055 Scotch Grey, S056 English Grey, S057 Cosmic Grey, S058 Fountain Green, S059 Smoky Blue, S060 Caribbean Blue, S061 Ceramic Blue, S062 High Sea, S063 Chasm, S064 Oriental Pearl, S065 Driftwood Grey Lt, S066 Sage Grey, S067 Crystal Palace, S068 Gardenia Green, S069 Vineyard, S070 Amsterdam Green, S071 Misty Mint, S072 Queen Anne Green Lt, S073 Green Shoot, S074 Lime Cloud, S075 Green Almond, S076 Green Grotto, S077 Canopy Green, S078 Moonlit Green Lt, S079 Desert Gold, S080 Curry Yellow, S081 Lime Froth, S082 Limelight, S083 Ming Gold, S084 Empire Gold, S085 Rose Ash Lt, S086 Coral Shadow, S087 Inkwood, S088 Fire Pink, S089 Carmen Lt, S090 Bengal Red, S091 Firecracker Lt, S092 Peony Pink, S093 Moss Phlox, S094 Raspberry Cream, S095 French Rose, S096 Chic Pink, S097 Pink Rapture, S098 Cherry Glow, S099 Coquette Lt, S100 Light Rose, S101 Dusky Rose, S102 Light Amethyst, S103 Orchid Smoke, S104 Purple Lagoon, S105 Wild Plum, S106 Delicacy, S107 French Lilac Lt, S108 Lady Lilac Lt, S109 Kingly Grey, S110 Creme De Violette, S111 Meadow Violet, S112 Wortle Lt, S113 Mistflower, S114 Smoketree Lt, S115 Dusty Lilac, S116 English Lilac, S117 Lilac Shadow, S118 Quaker Drab, S119 Eggplant, S120 Ethereal Blue, S121 Airlane Blue, S122 Bonton, S123 Boy Blue, S124 Old Glory, S125 Cadet Blue, S126 Blue Moon, S127 Dawn Blue Lt, S128 Window Blue, S129 Dove Blue, S130 Blue Clay, S131 Danbury, S132 Midnight Blue, S133 Yacht Blue, S134 Crag Grey, S135 Graphite, S136 Indigo Blue, S137 Fine Black, S138 Den Lt, S139 Bastille, S140 Burnt Black

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