Paint Library Oil Eggshell 750ml



Sample pots are made from Paint & Paper Library Flat Emulsion paint.

Please do not rely on your computer screen for colour accuracy.

pp001 Ivory I
pp002 Ivory II
pp003 Ivory III
pp004 Ivory IV
pp005 Ivory V
pp006 Parasol
pp007 Morning Room
pp008 Split Straw
pp009 Chinese Emperor
pp010 Pollen
pp011 Straw I
pp012 Straw II
pp013 Straw III
pp014 Straw IV
pp015 Straw V
pp016 Snettisham Gold
pp017 Cloudberry
pp018 Manchu
pp019 Tusk
pp020 Vellum
pp021 Chalk I
pp022 Chalk II
pp023 Chalk III
pp024 Chalk IV
pp025 Chalk V
pp026 Bees Wax
pp027 Tethered Dog
pp028 Skeleton Coast
pp029 Irish Linen
pp030 Langtry
pp031 Paper I
pp032 Paper II
pp033 Paper III
pp034 Paper IV
pp035 Paper V
pp036 Joint Favourite
pp037 Tribe
pp038 Carton
pp039 Dordogne
pp040 Shoredust
pp041 Sand I
pp042 Sand II
pp043 Sand III
pp044 Sand IV
pp045 Sand V
pp046 Mule
pp047 Divine Brown
pp048 Silken Flank
pp049 Paarl
pp050 Chaste
pp051 Canvas I
pp052 Canvas II
pp053 Canvas III
pp054 CanvasIV
pp055 Canvas V
pp056 Moth
pp057 Thames Mud
pp058 Bracket
pp059 Sea Biscuit
pp060 Salvador
pp061 Leather I
pp062 Leather II
pp063 Leather III
pp064 Leather IV
pp065 Leather V
pp066 Hopsack
pp067 Mink
pp068 Tudor Rose
pp069 Melba
pp070 Pelican Throat
pp071 Suede I
pp072 Suede II
pp073 Suede III
pp074 Suede IV
pp075 Suede V
pp076 The Long Room
pp077 Masai
pp078 Flower Pot
pp079 Temple
pp080 Caravan
pp081 Plaster I
pp082 Plaster II
pp083 Plaster III
pp084 Plaster IV
pp085 Plaster V
pp086 Hot Earth
pp087 Beetlenut
pp088 Kasbah
pp089 Medina
pp090 Wild Silk
pp091 Marble I
pp092 Marble II
pp093 Marble III
pp094 Marble IV
pp095 Marble V
pp096 Rouge
pp097 Elizabethan Red
pp098 Rhubarb
pp099 Bruno
pp100 Salamander
pp101 Salt I
pp102 Salt II
pp103 Salt III
pp104 Salt IV
pp105 Salt V
pp106 Trilogy
pp107 Very Well Red
pp108 Scarlet 'N' Rust
pp109 Diva
pp110 Copper Beech
pp111 Cotton I
pp112 Cotton II
pp113 Cotton III
pp114 Cotton IV
pp115 Cotton V
pp116 Plum Brandy
pp117 Sugared Violet
pp118 Lady Chars Lilac
pp119 Opus
pp120 Monument
pp121 Felt I
pp122 Felt II
pp123 Felt III
pp124 Felt IV
pp125 Felt V
pp126 Blue Blood
pp127 Blue Vein
pp128 BTWN Dog & Wolf
pp129 Spur
pp130 Aqua Viva
pp131 Lead I
pp131 Lead I
pp133 Lead III
pp134 Lead IV
pp135 Lead V
pp136 Squid Ink
pp137 Spruce
pp138 Tablecloth
pp139 Piccadilly Pigeon
pp140 Tallanstown Grey
pp141 Ice I
pp142 Ice II
pp143 Ice III
pp144 Ice IV
pp145 Ice V
pp146 Blue's Blue
pp147 Bluebird
pp148 Delta
pp149 Lullaby
pp150 Rita Says
pp151 Glass I
pp152 Glass II
pp153 Glass III
pp154 Glass IV
pp155 Glass V
pp156 Blue Gum
pp157 Constantia Blue
pp158 Panel
pp159 Eucalyptus
pp160 Quench The Gloom
pp161 Steel I
pp162 Steel II
pp163 Steel III
pp164 Steel IV
pp165 Steel V
pp166 Deep Water Green
pp167 Teal
pp168 Reef
pp169 Blanket
pp170 Foam
pp171 Slate I
pp172 Slate II
pp173 Slate III
pp174 Slate IV
pp175 Slate V
pp176 Storm
pp177 Sobek
pp178 Blue Charm
pp179 Nebulus
pp180 Tower
pp181 Wattle I
pp182 Wattle II
pp183 Wattle III
pp184 Wattle IV
pp185 Wattle V
pp186 Greenback
pp187 Fowler's Olive
pp188 Artichoke
pp189 Final Furlong
pp190 Vapour
pp191 Willow I
pp192 Willow II
pp193 Willow III
pp194 Willow IV
pp195 Willow V
pp196 Hornblende
pp197 Samphire
pp198 Reseda
pp199 Silver Tongue
pp200 Bittermint
pp201 Reed I
pp202 Reed II
pp203 Reed III
pp204 Reed IV
pp205 Reed V
pp206 Hunter Dunn
pp207 Apple Smiles
pp208 Chelsea Green
pp209 Woodruff
pp210 Fern Court
pp211 Tile I
pp212 Tile II
pp213 Tile III
pp214 Tile IV
pp215 Tile V
pp216 Moss
pp217 Both Barrels
pp218 Euphorbia
pp219 Pale Georgian
pp220 Impala
pp221 Clay I
pp222 Clay II
pp223 Clay III
pp224 Clay IV
pp225 Clay V
pp226 Mallet
pp227 Burrapine
pp228 Bronze
pp229 Iona Marble
pp230 York Stone
pp231 Stone I
pp232 Stone II
pp233 Stone III
pp234 Stone IV
pp235 Stone V
pp236 Truffle
pp237 Tarlatan
pp238 Estuary
pp239 Sapling
pp240 Sisal


A traditional, protective and durable, low odour oil based paint that dries to a low sheen finish. This flexible and hard-wearing eggshell paint is suitable for interior and exterior woodwork and metal, such as doors, window frames, furniture and conventional radiators.

  • Available in all colours
  • Available in 1 litre and 2 5 litres
  • Coverage is up to 12 square metres per litre
  • 2O-25% sheen level
  • Washable

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Additional information

Weight 1.500 kg

pp001 Ivory I, pp002 Ivory II, pp003 Ivory III, pp004 Ivory IV, pp005 Ivory V, pp006 Parasol, pp007 Morning Room, pp008 Split Straw, pp009 Chinese Emperor, pp010 Pollen, pp011 Straw I, pp012 Straw II, pp013 Straw III, pp014 Straw IV, pp015 Straw V, pp016 Snettisham Gold, pp017 Cloudberry, pp018 Manchu, pp019 Tusk, pp020 Vellum, pp021 Chalk I, pp022 Chalk II, pp023 Chalk III, pp024 Chalk IV, pp025 Chalk V, pp026 Bees Wax, pp027 Tethered Dog, pp028 Skeleton Coast, pp029 Irish Linen, pp030 Langtry, pp031 Paper I, pp032 Paper II, pp033 Paper III, pp034 Paper IV, pp035 Paper V, pp036 Joint Favourite, pp037 Tribe, pp038 Carton, pp039 Dordogne, pp040 Shoredust, pp041 Sand I, pp042 Sand II, pp043 Sand III, pp044 Sand IV, pp045 Sand V, pp046 Mule, pp047 Divine Brown, pp048 Silken Flank, pp049 Paarl, pp050 Chaste, pp051 Canvas I, pp052 Canvas II, pp053 Canvas III, pp054 CanvasIV, pp055 Canvas V, pp056 Moth, pp057 Thames Mud, pp058 Bracket, pp059 Sea Biscuit, pp060 Salvador, pp061 Leather I, pp062 Leather II, pp063 Leather III, pp064 Leather IV, pp065 Leather V, pp066 Hopsack, pp067 Mink, pp068 Tudor Rose, pp069 Melba, pp070 Pelican Throat, pp071 Suede I, pp072 Suede II, pp073 Suede III, pp074 Suede IV, pp075 Suede V, pp076 The Long Room, pp077 Masai, pp078 Flower Pot, pp079 Temple, pp080 Caravan, pp081 Plaster I, pp082 Plaster II, pp083 Plaster III, pp084 Plaster IV, pp085 Plaster V, pp086 Hot Earth, pp087 Beetlenut, pp088 Kasbah, pp089 Medina, pp090 Wild Silk, pp091 Marble I, pp092 Marble II, pp093 Marble III, pp094 Marble IV, pp095 Marble V, pp096 Rouge, pp097 Elizabethan Red, pp098 Rhubarb, pp099 Bruno, pp100 Salamander, pp101 Salt I, pp102 Salt II, pp103 Salt III, pp104 Salt IV, pp105 Salt V, pp106 Trilogy, pp107 Very Well Red, pp108 Scarlet 'N' Rust, pp109 Diva, pp110 Copper Beech, pp111 Cotton I, pp112 Cotton II, pp113 Cotton III, pp114 Cotton IV, pp115 Cotton V, pp116 Plum Brandy, pp117 Sugared Violet, pp118 Lady Chars Lilac, pp119 Opus, pp120 Monument, pp121 Felt I, pp122 Felt II, pp123 Felt III, pp124 Felt IV, pp125 Felt V, pp126 Blue Blood, pp127 Blue Vein, pp128 BTWN Dog & Wolf, pp129 Spur, pp130 Aqua Viva, pp131 Lead I, pp131 Lead I, pp133 Lead III, pp134 Lead IV, pp135 Lead V, pp136 Squid Ink, pp137 Spruce, pp138 Tablecloth, pp139 Piccadilly Pigeon, pp140 Tallanstown Grey, pp141 Ice I, pp142 Ice II, pp143 Ice III, pp144 Ice IV, pp145 Ice V, pp146 Blue's Blue, pp147 Bluebird, pp148 Delta, pp149 Lullaby, pp150 Rita Says, pp151 Glass I, pp152 Glass II, pp153 Glass III, pp154 Glass IV, pp155 Glass V, pp156 Blue Gum, pp157 Constantia Blue, pp158 Panel, pp159 Eucalyptus, pp160 Quench The Gloom, pp161 Steel I, pp162 Steel II, pp163 Steel III, pp164 Steel IV, pp165 Steel V, pp166 Deep Water Green, pp167 Teal, pp168 Reef, pp169 Blanket, pp170 Foam, pp171 Slate I, pp172 Slate II, pp173 Slate III, pp174 Slate IV, pp175 Slate V, pp176 Storm, pp177 Sobek, pp178 Blue Charm, pp179 Nebulus, pp180 Tower, pp181 Wattle I, pp182 Wattle II, pp183 Wattle III, pp184 Wattle IV, pp185 Wattle V, pp186 Greenback, pp187 Fowler's Olive, pp188 Artichoke, pp189 Final Furlong, pp190 Vapour, pp191 Willow I, pp192 Willow II, pp193 Willow III, pp194 Willow IV, pp195 Willow V, pp196 Hornblende, pp197 Samphire, pp198 Reseda, pp199 Silver Tongue, pp200 Bittermint, pp201 Reed I, pp202 Reed II, pp203 Reed III, pp204 Reed IV, pp205 Reed V, pp206 Hunter Dunn, pp207 Apple Smiles, pp208 Chelsea Green, pp209 Woodruff, pp210 Fern Court, pp211 Tile I, pp212 Tile II, pp213 Tile III, pp214 Tile IV, pp215 Tile V, pp216 Moss, pp217 Both Barrels, pp218 Euphorbia, pp219 Pale Georgian, pp220 Impala, pp221 Clay I, pp222 Clay II, pp223 Clay III, pp224 Clay IV, pp225 Clay V, pp226 Mallet, pp227 Burrapine, pp228 Bronze, pp229 Iona Marble, pp230 York Stone, pp231 Stone I, pp232 Stone II, pp233 Stone III, pp234 Stone IV, pp235 Stone V, pp236 Truffle, pp237 Tarlatan, pp238 Estuary, pp239 Sapling, pp240 Sisal

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