Osborne & Little Derwent W5796-01


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Osborne Little Derwent W5796-01

Osborne Little Derwent W5796-01 features ornamental Golden Koi Carp in a swirling grey pool.  Ideal choice for a Koi Carp enthusiast looking for a fish wallpaper. Would make a good feature wall behind your aquarium.

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Product facts

  • Wallpaper type: Washable
  • Roll size: 10 x 52cm (11 yds x 20½ inches)
  • Repeat: 61cm (24ins.)

A Brief History of Koi

Koi, or Nishikigoi (Cyprinus carpio), are descendants of the common carp. In nature they are brown, but through selective breeding by the Japanese, numerous colours and patterns were developed. In the 17th century Chinese rice farmers began keeping carp in their rice paddies. This practice found its way to Japan.

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